Plumber banks $1,000,000 despite the coronavirus pandemic

A tradesman has revealed how he was able to transform his business into a million-dollar operation during the pandemic. 

Dean Elabbas has seen revenue for his 24-hour plumbing business explode from $100,000 to more than a $1million a year as Victorians focus on their home improvements during .

‘I was very surprised with the results.

We went from no calls, other than word of mouth recommendations, to receiving 10 to 20 calls, 30 calls a week. We probably get 500 a month now,’ Mr Elabbas, 25, said.

‘I would say 99 percent of our work comes from our internet presence.

You have to be there. Now I have a team of six plumbers to help me with the work.’

24-Hour Melbourne Plumbers has also grown its team and the phone rings off the hook. 

Mr Elabbas (pictured) said 99 percent of his work comes from the business’ internet presence

Mr Elabbas launched his plumbing business as a ‘one-man show’ in 2013 when he was just 18 years old. 

‘Back in the early days I would have been earning $100,000 a year, if lucky,’ he said.

Eighteen months later he received a phone call that would change how he ran the business forever. 

Small business marketing expert Sagar Sethi, the founder of digital marketing company Xugar, reached out to the young plumber and asked if he was interested in taking up their services. 

Having lost funds with a previous marketing firm without reaping results, Mr Elabbas was hesitant but decided to give the firm a chance after they offered a no lock-in contract. 


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‘Within a year of working with them, we had doubled our income to $200,000,’ Mr Elabbas said.

Mr Elabbas said the company helped build the plumbing business’ internet presence through SEO optimisation, which bumped it up the page in Google search results. 

The marketing move boosted awareness about the company — drawing in more clients and bigger jobs.

‘In the past five years, I have gone from three jobs a week to 25 a day,’ he said.

‘We slowly progressed from two to three jobs a week, to six to seven, so I hired an apprentice, but over the years it just got bigger and bigger.

‘The more we worked on our digital presence online, the bigger we became. 

Dean Elabbas, from Melbourne, has seen revenue for his 24-hour plumbing business explode from $200,000 to $1million a year by hiring a digital marketing agency

‘I have six boys who work for me now, in four utes.’ 

The entrepreneur said he had plans to run his own company from a young age but the marketing changes accelerated how quickly he reached his dream. 

‘It was a complete life changer.

I’m pretty much running the back of the business, doing the quotes and dealing with the customers over the phone,’ he said.

‘I’ve been able to buy my own home, been able to get married, and now we have a child on the way.

I wouldn’t have thought about it back then, but because the business has expanded I have become more financially stable.’ 

24-Hour Melbourne Plumbers is now building a factory to store all of their materials to cater to their surge in demand.  

A shift in consumer behaviour and smart, targeted marketing has led to the success of ‘bedroom businesses’ during COVID-19. 

Mr Elabbas began 24 Hour Melbourne Plumbers as a one-man show in 2013, but now employs six others (one staff member pictured on a job)

The number of Australians officially without work rose above the one million mark in July for the first time ever but in August, the ranks of the unemployed fell by 86,500 to 921,800 people. 

Victoria’s unemployment rate of 7.1 per cent was above the national average, as the number of people employed fell by 42,400 as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Of the big states, Mengenali Prediksi HK New South Wales had the lowest unemployment rate of 6.7 per cent. 

The retail shopping sector has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic, with many big named brands being forced to downsize, as well as hospitality.

A major redefining the Australian business landscape is the increased time spent at home — due to the amount of employees still working from home and as a result of lockdown restrictions.

Mr Elabbas said although he noticed a shift in how people were spending their money as due to the pandemic’s impact on employment, his business boomed amid the lockdown as more people were homebound.  

This week, the business welcomed their biggest profit valuation yet — a whopping $1.3million.   

Mr Elabbas (pictured) said the marketing move was ‘life changing’ and has enabled the business to expand